About greenhouses

The Syn’kiv greenhouse complex is an outstanding unique project for a variety of reasons:

The Synkiv facility consists of two greenhouse complexes designed for tomatoes and sweet pepper cultivation in particular. The greenhouse for sweet pepper production allows growing other vegetables as well, as it has been performing with cucumbers by now.

Greenhouse foundation has been adapted to local ground structure, and due to this it has been partially leveled up to 10.00m.

The greenhouses have been constructed 7.00m high with white powder coated pillars increasing light transmitting capacity, and thus enhancing crop yield.

The greenhouses have been also adapted to local climate conditions of cultivation. High load provisions have been made for structures, even for winter season.

The greenhouses have been designed for various kinds of crop that enable their flexible exploitation.

The greenhouse for tomatoes has been arranged by 2-meter aisles with artificial lighting capable of 15 000 lux for crop yield optimization. Usage of artificial light for plant cultivation allows us growing tomatoes within the year, summer and winter. Therefore, heat generated by artificial lighting makes the greenhouse construction more efficient.

In order to be energy-efficient, the greenhouses have been equipped with horizontal and vertical energy screens. Beside energy saving, they provide sunlight protection effect as well.

There have been double glass constructions designed in the greenhouses to be more energy-efficient in the future.

Plant containers are hung up to steel frames of the greenhouse into preliminary drilled holes. That is why all containers hang in straight lines and sloped correctly. It helps to keep greenhouses neat, as, except for rack pipe system, nothing on the ground will prevent from cleaning.

Heating system consists of three lines, where a lower line is used also for transportation. Second line is used actually for crops heating. Besides, the facility is equipped with snow melting pipes.

Complete distribution system CO2 with a storage tank has been installed. Using of CO2, a by-product of gas combustion, helps to get higher-yielding crops. Besides CO2, one more product of gas combustion is hot water which is not usually used in greenhouses in the daytime. This hot water is stored in special tanks and can be used for greenhouse heating in the nights after sunset, and gas needn’t be combusted all night long.

Moreover, irrigation system optimization has been done to achieve maximum efficiency of watering and fertilization. Drip irrigation system has been installed. Used solution is to be collected for recycling after disinfection by UV-filter.

The facility has been equipped with water storage for collecting rain waters. There has been a reserve river water-supply system and powerful pumping station worked out as well.

There is also a modern packaging department with railing platforms for machine loading available to ship goods with due diligence and in time.

There has been planting shop built as well. It is capable to cover both our own needs and customers’ orders.

Automatic computerized control system allows not only adjusting climate conditions in the greenhouses, but also includes a personalized labor management system.

All the above mentioned properties make DF AGRO greenhouses unique in Ukraine and one of the mostadvanced in the world!